7 innovative tools to give all goofs to stop losing their things

Tired of struggling with your key combination or not being able to get your hands on your little everyday items? The Daily Geek Show, in partnership with Amazon, brings you a selection of seven gadgets to suit all budgets.

Titanium Keysmart Smart Keychain – 54.99 euros

The Titanium Keysmart keyring, as elegant as it is durable, is for those who are tired of having to struggle with their keychain. Very practical, it fits easily in your pocket, has a bottle opening function and you can also attach your car key to it. See more

FiloTag bluetooth keyring / object locator 34.90 euros

Filo is a smart object locator with an audible warning device for those who lose their keys often. Simply attach it to your keychain and use the dedicated smartphone app to find it in no time. See more

Gigaset Keeper ring keyring – 19.99 euros

The Gigaset guard is a Bluetooth 4.0 beacon with a range of 15-30 meters. The dedicated app lets you know your distance from everyday objects, and warns you when they are outside of its detection range. See more

Sodial smart keyring with audible alert – 5,63 euros

Due to the optical function as well, the Sodial Smart Keyring starts flashing and makes a certain noise when beeping. Practical and compact device that helps you find your bag or keys in a jiffy. See more

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Motorola Connect Currency Locator – 19.26 euros

Motorola Connect Coin is a smart tool for locating everyday objects and also has an emergency function to alert your loved ones in case of trouble. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, it can also be used to operate a photo capture from your smartphone remotely. See more

Sound Tracker & Musegear Location – € 69.99

Musegear Locator lets you find your keys or wallet in less time than it takes. Equipped with a high volume making it audible through walls, it detects your objects within a 50-meter radius thanks to the dedicated smartphone app. See more

4 in 1 Object Locator Aoguerbe – 19.99 euros

Aoguerbe smart locator consists of 1 transmitter and 4 receivers, which is easy to use and will greatly facilitate your daily life. Simply press the button opposite the object you are looking for on its remote control so that the beacon will emit sound and light signals. See more

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