Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout: Now is the time for the future!

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout players only have to wait a few days. It’s time on March 22, 2021. Then the future prominent jelly pills will be over. In a new trailer, Mediatonic introduces the neon-filled environment in Season 4 and shows what players can expect.

The ad read: “Astronauts, space invaders and even mysterious“ Beans In Black ”will try to outrun their competitors in a season that comes with seven new glowing rides, fluorescent games, emotions and more while they play a celebration as if it were 4041!” After last season with the winter theme, things are now. Futuristic.

What is Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout About?

The aim of the game is to win the Battle Royale. Up to 60 players can compete against each other. Reach your goal with mini games in which you have to run, survive, hunt or logical thinking. In the end, there was only one player left to wear the crown.

Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout Season 4 will be released on March 22nd for PC (Steam) and PS4. During “Nintendo Direct” on February 17, 2021, it was announced that the game will also be available for “Nintendo Switch” in the summer.

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