7 vs Wild: Quick overview of all participants and their equipment

One of the most popular and self-produced German series of creators of all time is currently running on YouTube. We’re talking about 7 vs Wild by Fritz Meinecke. Fans of the outdoors, survival and shrubbery, who deal mainly with exactly these topics on his channels, launched a giant project. Giant not only in terms of effort, but above all in view of the tremendous success. Each of the individual episodes, which appears twice a week, receives several million views.

The project revolves around the fact that in August 2021 Fritz Minicke was in Sweden with six of his friends in order to stay there in isolation for seven days in the wild. Seven people, seven days, seven things. Concept: Each participant documents their own experiences in order to create comparability for the audience. You can see how well this works every Wednesday and Saturday on Fritz Miniki’s YouTube Channel Look. Five episodes are currently available, and the total is expected to reach 16 by the end of December.

Before the format began, participants were given a list of about 50 items, which they were allowed to choose seven of which they trusted to survive the week in Sweden. These items do not include cross-body clothing, first aid kits, camera equipment, and a GPS tracker, which also acts as a signal transmitter.

In this post, we want to introduce you to all participants of the potential first season 7 against Wild in more detail and introduce you to the seven selected items. Who has decided to buy a tarp, who has a sleeping bag and who has a hunting kit? Who uses any tools from an ax to saws and knives? We will tell you.

7 vs game: 7 days, 7 participants, 7 items

In 7 vs Wild, each participant has a camera kit with them, which consists of batteries, mounting options, chargers, power banks, memory cards, headlights, and of course action cameras. First, we name the utensils that are not part of the equipment you chose and are therefore the same for everyone anyway. This camera set comes with bags containing the daily challenges on confetti. It may also contain measuring tape, stopwatches, pens, and similar tools for measuring success. These add-ons must not be used for purposes other than those intended.

Also included are all, as we briefly mentioned, a first aid kit, which, if possible, every candidate should have with them at all times. This is fitted with a seal so you can check usage. Usage goes hand in hand with points deduction in the overall ranking. Anyone who also uses a cell phone, which has been switched off again within the emergency group, to call for help, is disqualified from the assessment and is disqualified. Basically, this group is for absolute emergencies – this content should never be used for purposes other than its intended purpose.

Let’s finally get to the participants.

First participant: Pascal aka “The Bommel”

The first participant in 7 vs Wild is “Bommel” or “Der Bommel”. It is considered a gourmet addict and beer. He has already implemented various projects in the past, also together with the initiator Fritz, and has successfully completed the 100 km run, among others. When he’s not in Sweden at 7 against Wild, Bommel is often outside in his self-adjusted T5 bus. He also has a penchant for quality outdoor products.

Pascal aka “The Pommel”: 37 years – 180 cm – 96.5 kg

Bommel has:

  • Carinthia Defense 4 sleeping bag (“Good sleep is important!”
  • 3 x 3 meter tarp with camouflage pattern
  • pot with lid
  • 30m green/olive paracord (fixing material)
  • Hammock with mosquito net
  • ext
  • mug

The biggest challenge, according to him, is the rain. I think the challenge will be the hardest for Chris. You will donate a €10,000 reward for the winner to the German Marine Rescue Society / German Shipwrecked Society (DGzRS).

Participant 2: David “Dave” Henrix

Common number 2 is Dave. It is presented as a creative mind, young entrepreneur and a workaholic. He was also assigned an outside role, since he has very little experience in this field and his aptitude is said to be rather scant. Is his orientation towards solutions and ambitions enough to get here? It is the “natural” absolute in the domain of the participants.

David “Dave Henrix: 22 years – 187 cm – 85.5 kg

Dave has:

  • lighter
  • knife (mora)
  • Hygiene kit (biodegradable soap, toothbrush tablets, toothbrush)
  • folding saw
  • Pot / mug with handle and handle
  • tarp
  • Decathlon sleeping bag up to 5 degrees

The biggest challenge, he says, is dry sleep, food, loneliness. He believes that no one is separated. If a person is eliminated, he is the same first. Will he donate €10,000 to the winner to Amnesty International.

Participant 3: Survival Mattin

The third candidate in 7 against Wild is Survival Mattin. Close friend of Fritz – The two regularly tease each other, but they always get together. He is described as a prepared, survivor, and artist. Like just about everyone else, he runs his own YouTube channel and is already very worried that the unit is going to put too much pressure on him. Self-experiences and experiences are part of his content mix.

Survival Mattin: 38 years – 185 cm – 93.3 kg

Matin has:

  • Savuta Schlavsak (military sleeping bag)
  • Amazonas ultra-light hammock with mosquito net
  • Grill water filter
  • ESEE6 Outdoor – Messenger
  • lighter
  • Hardware Store Tarpaulin 3 x 3 Meters
  • Fishing kit (25m of thread, 5 hooks, 2 leaders)

According to his statement, the biggest challenge is isolation. He has never been alone in his life for seven days and without social media or any other social contact. Matin also believes that Chris is the most exciting candidate to be eliminated first. A little experience and a relaxed attitude are used as arguments here. You will donate a €10,000 reward to the winner to DLRG Lütjenburg eV.

Participant 4: Niklas on Fire

We are already on the fourth post in the experiment. Niklas on Fire is actually a hunter, firefighter, climber, and paramedic as well. So he makes important decisions all the time.

Niklas on Fire: 25 years – 180 cm – 78.1 kg

Niklas has:

  • Carinthia Defense 6 . sleeping bag
  • Helikon Tex Super Tarp 3 x 3 meters
  • 2.5 liter stainless steel saucepan with lid and handle
  • 30 meters of paracord, black
  • OnFire Feuerstahl
  • Oberland Arms Federer Messer
  • Fiskars saw green clippings

Biggest challenge, according to his own statement: I wasn’t alone for seven days and without a cell phone. I think Chris or Dave are the ones most likely to drop out first. You will donate a €10,000 reward to the winner to the Youth Fire Brigade.

Participant 5: Chris aka “Reloadiak”

Common number 5 is Chris. He is active on the Internet as a content creator and is also known there by the nickname “Relodiak”. In addition to pure online formats, he is also known for his Lost Place and Urban Exploring videos. He also has some experience in the outdoor and bushcraft sectors. He is generally assigned a high tolerance for suffering and pain. “He just has to want it,” adds Fritz Minieke regarding this.

Chris aka “Reloadiak”: 28 years old – 189 cm – 81.1 kg

Chris has:

  • OnFire . sleeping bag
  • ESEE4 Outdoor – Messenger
  • Silky Bigboy 360 Clubsage
  • mug
  • 500ml jar, camouflage color, with lid and handle
  • Hygiene kit (biodegradable soap, toothbrush tablets, toothbrush)
  • Fishing kit (25m thread, 5 hooks, 2 leaders)

The biggest challenge, he says, is getting food, cold, wet. He thinks Dave will be the first to come out. You will donate a €10,000 reward to the winner to the Berlin Animal Shelter.

Participant 6: Fabio Scheffer

Fabio is close to nature, a MMA fighter, mountain bike enthusiast and by the way, a family man too. He goes to the project with the most ambitious attitude and seems to want to feel the fear more strongly. why? You can see it in the list of equipment selected by him.

Fabio Scheffer: 35 years – 184 cm – 84.7 kg

Fabio has:

“So you need eggs made of steel,” Fritz said of the very limited selection of things Fabio decided upon. According to his previous list of seven items, he was not afraid and wanted a true frontier experience. This is the result. In fact, he only wanted to take the knife, but in the end he wanted at least a fire. According to his statement, the biggest challenge: wet and cold. But he will miss the family, too. Remember: at night temperatures were single digits. So why a sleeping bag?

He didn’t want to judge who and whether someone would be kicked out before the start. He prefers to focus on himself, and will donate the €10,000 reward to the winner to Wings for Life. The organization has been looking for a treatment for paraplegia for years.

Participant 7: Fritz Minicke

Not only the creator of the project, but also a successful content creator in the field of outdoors, survival, jungles and lost places. He had the idea of ​​7 vs Wild and he has now turned it into a reality with a great team. Several large projects, mostly in small groups, brought him success and a large community. Expectations from him are of course particularly high.

Fritz Miniki: 32 years – 183 cm – 79.4 kg

Fritz has:

  • 3 x 3 meter tarp with camouflage pattern
  • Carinthia Defense 6 . sleeping bag
  • 1.5 liter stainless steel saucepan with lid and handle
  • Fire steel with orange elements
  • Fishing kit (25m of thread, 5 hooks, 2 leaders)
  • 3 x 10 meters of paracord in different colors
  • Kukri (Messer / Machete)

According to his statement, the biggest challenge is food. It turns out differently in the course of the loops. But there is no spoiler at this point. For him, there were three vacillating candidates up front: Dave (lack of experience), Chris and Baumel. With the latter two, motivation and mindset can be crucial. You will donate a €10,000 reward to the winner to Mission Erde eV.

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