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“Can you read my cover letter again?” ; “I am sending you my ideas and recipes for Christmas, add to you”; “Grandma, can you correct my French essay?“. How to share documents with your loved ones And to interfere with several files on these files without confusing the copies? There is a simple and free solution: save these documents in the cloud Access it wherever you are thanks to online storage services Such as Microsoft OneDrive where google drive.
You will then be able to access your text files, photos or videos From any device connected to the Internet and share with other people safely send it Simple email link.
Once you share the document with anyone you want, they can edit it at the same time you do, as if you were both working behind the same computer. In practice, your granddaughter will see you correct mistakes in her essay in real time, even if she lives 500 kilometers away from you. Another advantage: You can see others typing in front of your eyes if you are logged in at the same time! Very practical management for remote workers who can resume their file path where they left off. It can also be useful for exchanging the guest list for a birthday, managing documents or scheduling within an association or even exchanging photos…

How to use Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive can be accessed on a computer from a browser. The main difference between these two services comes from their ecosystem: Google or Windows. Another easy way to use it: Free apps on smartphone Or a tablet by creating an account.
These two services allow you to share documents in less than a minute: all you have to do is send an email with an Internet link and a password if necessary. It also allows you to play files even if you are offline without an internet network when necessary. Your work will be saved offline on your device and the file will be updated in the cloud as soon as you are back online. Finally, either way, know that your content is here to stay protected and secretIt is secured by Microsoft and Google.

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Google Drive: The easiest service to manage your documents with others

It is Google’s online storage service. It’s easy to understand and use with a Gmail address. Google Drive is compatible with Microsoft Office documents (Word text document, Excel table, etc.). The built-in search engine helps you find your documents and you can keep track of the history of changes. Google Drive offers free start-up with 15GB of space available for open google account. Beyond 15 GB there Google One Paid Offer (200 GB / 2.99 € per month.)

Download Google Drive to Android

Download Google Drive to iOS

Microsoft OneDrive: The service is perfectly suited for Windows and Office

OneDrive is a service developed by Microsoft So it works perfectly with Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. If you have an Outlook email address, you can access it through your email. This service is ideal for backing up, viewing and saving Office documents without even realizing that you’re in the cloud.

You can choose the free offer of 5 GB of online storage or subscribe to the Microsoft 365 offer (69 € / year) to get 1 TB of storage (about 500,000 photos and files!) and use the software from the online Office package. You will have enough to store it. Subscribe to the Microsoft OneDrive offer

Download Microsoft OneDrive from Android

Download Microsoft OneDrive from iOS

Other solutions to save your documents in the cloud:

  • Dropbox Basic is free and gives you 2 GB of space.
  • Apple iCloud: 5 GB free, 200 GB / 2.99 € per month
  • Digiposte, the post office cloud: 5go is free, service and data based hosted in France
  • Amazon Cloud drive 5GO, unlimited for Prime subscribers
  • Cozy Cloud 5 GB free, hosted in France, at OVH
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good to know Most internet and phone operators like Orange or Free offer free cloud storage that is included with your subscription. Remember to go and see!

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