A former mayor in the “sneak” to understand antenna projects, but not everything is going as planned

Free Mobile: Former Mayor of

He says he simply wanted to investigate the process before installing the relay antennas. A former mayor realizes that he has fundamentally caused discord in the city.

‘To understand how they work from the inside’Denis Thomas, former mayor of Cranves-Sales, explains in the Haute-Savoie department, where Free plans to install a 30-meter tower to cover 5G.

The former city councilman is actually the owner of one of the three locations the operator has designated for installation. “I was contacted last August. We were three candidates involved, so I requested a paper document, but there was only an oral exchange”According to him, stressing that he replied in the negative upon receiving the lease contract and therefore did not sign anything. according to him, “The owner and the municipality are caught up in this frantic race of operators to install their antennas ASAP”. And an addition regarding the municipality’s case: “I understand that this kind of service is installed in white areas, but here, right next to the houses and in an area already covered, I don’t see the target”. Hence his rejection of the lease. The former elected official notes that this investigation attempt earned him few letters and visits “unpleasant”.

The neighbors don’t want that

These explanations come when residents discover an information document relating to the construction of the Via de Ross and express their disapproval. The municipality published the information on its website and on social networks. Comparing before and after is not exciting.

“The view is very beautiful from the road to Ross, what a pity to distort this view … Is a relay antenna really useful and very necessary in this place?”-Can we hear from the locals? “It is absolutely necessary to mobilize to avoid this, and to preserve this precious little piece of the countryside”user said. It’s really the location over 5G that seems to be the problem. Installing another free 5G tower, Via De Taats de Borle, was not a problem.

“We are in constant demand, due to the demographic development on our lands, of this kind of relocation. What annoys me about this situation is that we are on the edge of a major road, the road to Ross. This road has given us complete character and quality. We are also in an agricultural area, with beautiful panoramic views and especially with the very close presence of the locals”, announces for his part, Bernard Pocar, the current mayor. The elected official plans to meet with the operator and the land owner to clarify matters and above all to discuss “The most suitable place”. To be sure and to calm souls: “Currently, there has been no deposit of a prior announcement of employment”.

source : Dauphin Libre

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