A game in the footsteps of “Boucher” by Claude Chabrol

Survey brochure created for the first Chabrol de Trémolat Festival is available

Created on the occasion of the first Chabrol Festival in Trémolat, in June 2021. Brochure supporting the investigation game in the footsteps of “Boucher”, one of Claude Chabrol’s most famous films, filmed in this village of Dordogne in 1969, available in Trémolat Town Hall and in the tourist offices of the Bastides Dordogne sector Perigord.

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Sold at €6, it allows you to follow evidence cards, testimonials and essential items in order to identify the perpetrator. This is how to discover or rediscover the village and places that greeted Claude Chabrol, Stephane Audran, Jean Lean and the hilarious band in this toxic thriller, via a 5-kilometer road.

Created by Thomas Chenet, the game is produced in partnership with La Cerise sous le Chapeau (the festival organizing association), tourist and municipal offices as well as merchants and accommodation providers in Tremolac. A digital version for mobile phones may be offered later.

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