Notre Dame Burns – Save Notre Dame from flames in virtual reality

Life is hard … The more years pass, the more we notice the special toxicity of our nature, the duality and conflicts, the colder and intolerant words, this group of threats that are added to diseases, remind us of the everyday emptiness of our lives … However, as a reaction to this life Which is increasingly concerning, we have never developed so many means of escaping from it. Fiction (novels, comics, poetry, etc.), cinema and video games … are still more modern means of escape, however, do not come close to Virtual Reality.

If you’ve ever worn a helmet, you can confirm this: nothing allows you to leave your skin like virtual reality (at least, nothing illegal or definitive…). On top of that, it’s hard to explain, but we’re really taking our place in the action and making the characters we embody come to life… exhilarating, especially as this entertainment format continues to evolve and expand its share of experiences as it is for sure. Notre Dame is burning, the latest project from Ubisoft.

If you’re a movie buff, you’ve probably already hooked up on Jean-Jacques Anode’s latest feature film, a documentary dating back to the fire that destroyed the famous building. And indeed, there is a link. This movie accompanies a game that is in better shape than the studio that has penned it twice in the past. Yep, that’s why we found Ubisoft behind this version in VR, and it’s been a version that’s been moving away from staples ever sinceHe offers us to join the team that fought the fire instead of following the events of the movie.

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In fact, what do you expect? If we can imagine that as soon as we put the helmet on our nose we will indulge in an action game, the cathedral opens its doors for you to play the escape game (before it closes normally, you have to escape after all, it wouldn’t be a challenge if you left the doors open). According to the publisher, It is an experience of about an hour that awaits you with many puzzles but also relics to memorize. The latter should be released on the same day as the film..

So yeah, after all that leaving a burning ship (reality) for a burning building is kind of an escape, but note thatWe’re now introducing VR headsets to cows for reasons that really remind us of the Matrix premise, very honestly, I think I’d better cross the building Notre Dame is burning Instead of watching our crazy world… At the moment, Ubisoft has not announced any VR headset brand that bears its name..

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