A game to discover or revisit the Legends of Guadalou

“Fon Lèspri coco” is the name of a game designed and developed by Damien Lurel and his friends. Board game for kids and adults with our Creole Legends theme.

From 5 to 14 participants, Fon lespri coco is a game in which you have to investigate. The principle is simple, residents of the same area are trying to figure out where the Creole monster is hiding. Tray on the table, cards and symbols…. Between arguments and counterarguments, players must reveal the person or those holding the soukougnan, dorliss or even Maskilili…. These Creole monsters that haunt our myths.

Loic, one of the developers of Fon lespri coco 100% Creole Legends

Learn more about our myths and share them. That is the whole point of this investigation game. Players must deceive to save themselves or reveal liars. Fon lespri coco is the name of the region where the sugar cane cutters, hunters and the doctor unite, in short all the inhabitants unite to uncover the monsters.

Coco's deep soul 3

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By introducing it at the end of February, its promoters wanted to make it an invitation to travel to discover West India’s heritage in all its forms:

– Linguist, with the names of characters in Creole

– cultural, with soukounyan and other Creole myths

– Natural and agricultural, landscaped, cane fields, tropical flowers, majestic cheesemakers, banana trees, etc …

Deep coconut spirit 4

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© Ch. Martial

Finally, if it is called “Fon lespri coco” it is because it has a name quite like West Indian for a totally fictional city where the action takes place in the sugar cane fields. What promises

Experiential and immersive game evenings, with participants’ decorations and accessories and background music.

Coco von Lisbre evening

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This game “Fon Lespri Koko” can be ordered on the website www.carre-tropical.fr

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