Le Bon Coin: The crazy story of a buyer crossing France seeking revenge after a scam

No user of the Leboncoin platform understood a scam they encountered while purchasing a computer. He decided to take revenge by crossing France to reclaim the property he had paid for.

What Really Happened on Leboncoin?

Residing in Tours, he came to Scey-sur-Saône in Haute-Saône to see a seller who cheated on Leboncoin. This information has been available in the Republican East since April 9. Purchased in April 2020 for € 1,015, but the computer was not received by Tourangeau who paid nonetheless.

According to the Republic of the East, the first delivery was not made due to parcel size restrictions by mail. That was sorry, because he had postponed delivery a second time because the computer had failed. He said repair was required before any shipment, even though the buyer saw the same item up for sale on the site. After that he realized that he had been defrauded.

Upset, he decided to do justice to himself using great means. Then he made contact with consumer associations and lawyers. Then he takes matters into his own hands. And so, on May 25, he crossed France and went to the seller’s house. The local newspaper confirms by the buyer’s lawyer, Mr. Gilayev, that the meeting began with the intention of an amicable settlement.

The buyer and seller eventually go to jail

About 500 kilometers from his home among 200 residents, he quickly finds the home of a rogue. He breaks a tile to enter his house, finds his computer in good condition and takes it away. He is suspected of taking, in addition to his computer, a digital tablet and checkbook.

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Ultimately, they each brought charges against each other for hacking, entry, and fraud. The Out Saun resident was already twice convicted of fraud. Therefore, his intentions were not sincere, according to the attorney general. The seller gets three months and has to pay 149 euros to his victim. Likewise, for doing his fairness, he receives a suspended prison sentence of four months.

On Leboncoin, you have to be vigilant even if there are always good deals. Last December, a user wanted to sell his car. Send the crisis card to a very interested customer to sort through the insurance details. The latter put the car up for sale without paying the owner. According to TF1, it earned five times as much 60,000 euros from buyers who wanted to do good business quickly.

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