A man sensitive to electricity quarrels with his entire neighborhood by depriving him of mobile phone network and Wi-Fi

A wink: a man who is sensitive to electricity quarrels with his entire neighborhood by depriving him of mobile phone network and Wi-Fi.

After several complaints from subscribers with problems on different devices, ANFR was able to find a jammer used by someone who wanted to protect themselves from the airwaves.

WiFi struggles or even greater access to mobile networks, such is the plight faced by the residents of the Hemsberg neighborhood, in Sarreguemines in Moselle. Several concerns have been raised about the connection of their devices between September 2021 and January 2022 and in the face of complaints, the operator Orange has asked the National Agency for Frequencies (ANFR) to look into the matter.

This is actually part of the tasks of this organization, which sends agents to solve various problems related to waves and networks. Equipped with fairly sophisticated equipment that allows tracking the signal emission, then they seek to determine the source of the problem in this town of Moselle. So the agents found the exact conditioning that these disturbances came from in the network and the cause was obvious: the wave scrambler. These devices make it possible to counteract the waves by broadcasting stronger over a frequency range.

The defendant, 50, explained that he chose this solution to protect himself. He declares himself to be sensitive to electricity, claiming that the waves make him suffer. “I suffer from burns in the heart. I searched the internet and it referred me to this device. I let myself be temptedHowever, the range of these devices is often much greater than a simple dwelling and their use can have disastrous consequences depending on the frequency bands used: blocking emergency calls, disrupting navigation in aircraft flying at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level .Altitude… Even ANFR explains that it has already noted that “teachers use it in the classroom to block laptops of students or passengers on a train to prevent their neighbors from listening to music. We try to educate people to show them that this kind of equipment is not without consequences.”

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For this reason, even if it is easy to obtain it online, the promotion, sale, possession and use of this type of device is prohibited in France. The father of the family was also able to experience this at the beginning of the year when he wanted to force his children to separate at night thanks to a jammer. In the case of this electricity-sensitive man, the public prosecutor on his part noted that “there was no intention to disturb public order or commit an act of delinquency”. The court finally requested the confiscation of the device, while the possession and use of the jammer can be punished with imprisonment of up to 6 months and a fine of 30 thousand euros.

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