NASA raises warning; Possible Effects

Earth’s magnetic storm: NASA warns; Any effects

The earth is in danger. A geomagnetic storm is feared

Land in danger. A geomagnetic storm is fearedIn recent months, aSolar activity More than normal. This factor scares many scientists and experts around the world because there is a fear for one’s development. Geomagnetic storm Capable of having a drastic effect on us Land.

Sound the alarm first, as well as report AmbassadorIt was just there NASA Through a 24-hour public film by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, it shows what a large sunspot looks like.AR3014The size has doubled and is constantly growing.
This is the ‘flare’ phenomenon that causes magnetic storms. The latter was seen on the side of the sun a week ago and is orbiting exactly towards our planet. In addition, coronal mass emission resulted in 3 burns, but more can be expected as this location is “really blooming”.

According to the US NOAA, this ‘disease’ of the sun will cause serious disruption to the satellites. And on earth? What will be the consequences? The possible arrival of a geomagnetic storm may help Interruption And
Problems with the communication network.

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