A mobile team in Aude to screen for antigens and inform the population

Tests and checks are ongoing. To get as close as possible to the residents of Aude, the French Confederation of Rescue and First Aid deployed nine people surveying the section. On Wednesday, February 25th, they make a stopover in Alzonne, West Carcassonne.

Every day, move tents and tables. Five days a week, a mobile team of French Federation for Rescue and First Aid The site changes to fulfill the mission that the Regional Health Agency (ARS) has delegated to it: testing and informing the residents of the Aude department.

This Thursday, February 25th, its nine members stop by in a multipurpose room in Alzonne.

A well-received initiative in a village of around 1,500 residents. “I haven’t been tested at all since the epidemic began. ” A resident admits. “There, however, given the size of the thing, I’d like to see what it looks like …”
The nearest analysis laboratory is 15 km away and the city pharmacy does not offer a test. “This is very good especially for the elderly. “ So judge the man who comes to be tested.

We don’t have to travel, it’s on site!

Test and listen

In Aude, the incidence rate remains relatively low: 109.7 positive cases per 100,000 population, compared to 161 in Hérault or 214 nationally. But the goal of these screening days is to prevent outbreaks.

In the village, we noticed many cases that appeared in recent weeks. Expose the mayor, Regis Banquet. “ARS has clearly seen it, too. And that’s why they wanted to come and do these life-size tests to try to break the pollution restrictions.. “

Access to the examination is free and without an appointment. The antigen tests used provide a result in about fifteen minutes, which is administered directly to the person concerned. If positive, contact tracing and potential contamination can start. But the role of these “mediators” does not stop there.

It is a difficult time for many people. It is true that when we are in small villages like this, we have a large number of elderly residents. We see that they need to verbally express isolation and no contact with family. I am also present throughout the listening and support phase. I also answer questions if they need to

Nicholas Cerezo, Mission Coordinator Nurse.

By launching the device, ARS Occitanie was hoping to run between 150 and 200 shows per day. Since there are not enough volunteers, the team is far from reaching it, which has not yet detected any positive cases.
The process will continue until June 2021.

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