Best High-Tech Deals on Amazon and Cdiscount

If there’s one area where promotions have been the strongest during this sales period, it’s of course the PC components … well roughly.

Not without knowing if you’ve been following the news, or simply if you’ve been wanting to buy one for the past weeks, graphics cards are the big absentee from this promotional period. The reason is simple: the graphics components have been the victim of a global shortage since the start of this year, strong demand errors and production difficulties faced by various manufacturers. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more months to get the latest models offered by NVIDIA or AMD.

For the rest on the other hand, don’t worry about stocks to report! E-merchants have their warehouse full of components and accessories ready for delivery straight to your door.

We think on the example of SSD drives. Manufacturers like WD or Seagate have been offering both internal and external drives for several years letting you free up space on your computer and store all your files and applications. Game Friends, As you know, games are made more realistic with extremely high-quality graphics but take up a lot of disk space as well as great performance for loading textures and other game elements quickly. This is where SSD comes in. Ultra-fast reading and writing helps you avoid endless loading times.

Random access memory, or Random Access Memory (RAM) for those in the know, is also essential in keeping your computer running smoothly. The more you have, the more your applications will run smoothly, with no lag so you can work, surf the web, or play in the best possible conditions. During the sale period, major e-merchants offer you discounts of up to several tens of euros on various memory modules of several gigabytes.

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The processor is the centerpiece of your computer, whether it is a laptop or desktop computer. The best performance component will provide suitable performance for all your daily tasks, even the heavy ones. Among the processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD have the lion’s share and offer you dozens of references to adapt as closely as possible to your needs and the software you use the most.

Finally, the motherboard is the component that is sometimes a little forgotten when it comes to computers, but it is nevertheless imperative to integrate all of your components and leverage their performance to have the most powerful and fastest machine possible.

To get the best pricing for these various components, we recommend you take a look at the offerings Amazon and Cdiscount has to offer. Two dealer sites are particularly aggressive on these ranges of products and offer a very large selection of references and very big discounts on very powerful components for your PC. According to our findings, these are also the two platforms offering the best prices for these final days of sales. Enjoy it quickly, there will be nothing for everyone!

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