A party in honor of President Joe Biden turns into a PR event

NAfter the inauguration ceremonies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had to be held largely without a direct audience due to the coronavirus epidemic and the intense security measures after the storming of the Capitol two weeks ago, the administration was welcomed with a party on TV instead.

Prominent artists were already present when Biden and Harris were sworn in – Lady Gaga sang the national anthem and Jennifer Lopez performed “This Land is Your Land” and declared a pledge of loyalty in Spanish: “One nation, in the shade of God, inseparable, with freedom and justice for all.” Country singer Garth Brooks finally chanted “Amazing Grace” and not only asked the attendees, but also the audience at home to sing together.

A set of superstar skins

In the evening, this was followed by a virtual party that replaced the traditional ball to install the new president and vice president. The event was broadcast by leading TV channels such as ABC, PBS, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC, but the celebrations can also be followed on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other platforms. Actor Tom Hanks led the program from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But while the setting hints at seriousness and charisma, the show stunned as a stage set of static pieces of star appearances and short videos of soldiers, doctors, and ordinary people saluting the new president.

In addition to Hanks, other stars such as Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and Jon Bon Jovi also honored the event. But instead of a joyful celebration, as is customary by newly elected presidents of America, a stunningly conscious PR video clip is revealed here, in which the boundaries between celebration and political message merge.

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