XCloud access to Xbox One, a solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator | Xbox One

To reach 3 billion players around the world, Microsoft is investing in it. First with content thanks Xbox Studios Their number doubled within a year, but also through technology with the pair Xbox Game Pass and xCloud. This is the last service that concerns us today because it should be extended further.

xCloud on console and PC in the spring

At the moment, xCloud is only available for Android mobile devices. Xbox game streaming service is then permitted provided you obtain a file abonnement Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Then get the app and choose an Xbox game compatible with mobile broadcasting, then launch it.

XCloud was first reserved for a group of testers, and it opened to the public last September with more than 150 games available. With sufficient internet connection and Android mobile device, it is thus possible to play titles like A Plague Tale: Innocence, Batman: Arkham Knight, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, Gears 5, Ori or even Halo 5 without having to download anything. .

Of course, getting xCloud to everyone last September is just one of the steps needed to reach these three billion players. Xbox Director Phil Spencer confirmed in December that xCloud will be rolling out to PC and iOS in Spring 2021, or within a few months. With the support of Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, Xbox can now invest like never before.

xCloud on Xbox One: The Next Generation Available on Legacy Consoles

Last December, Satya Nadella indicated that consoles were only part of Xbox solution and its strategy for the coming years.

Our biggest vision is to ensure that all 3 billion players can play their games wherever they want, with all the content they want and with whom they want. And that’s really what we’re building our strategy on.

Besides xCloud access on iOS and PC, we know Xbox teams are also working on the xCloud app on Xbox One. According to Xboxygen sources, deploying xCloud to Xbox consoles saw a slight delay but still fit.

According to our information, Microsoft plans to transfer via xCloud Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox One. Last December, Microsoft was responding to Xboxygen Teams have been working hard to bring Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox Series X and Series S this summer, and the focus is on next-generation consoles for now. Next year we will inform you of our plans for Xbox One.A Microsoft representative told us.

We know that the power of Xbox One, released more than 7 years ago, is the limit to a greedy game like Microsoft Flight Simulator. We also know that Xbox One is used today to play games in the cloud and broadcast to mobile phones. But in 2021, Microsoft will replace Xbox One in its cloud for Xbox Series X. That means xCloud blade servers (also called blade servers) will be equipped tomorrow to run any hungry game that appears.

It also means that the game is currently exclusive to Xbox Series X | S like Average It will be playable on Xbox One via xCloud when the solution is deployed to those old Xbox consoles.

Even today, Cloud Gaming is an integral part of Xbox strategy that still relies on the three elements of “content, community, and the cloud”. This year will be important for playing Xbox games in the cloud, and we’ll meet in the coming weeks to find out details.

Blade server for xCloud in 2020

Learn more about xCloud and Xbox streaming on mobile and PC

At Xboxygen, we’ve been publishing xCloud Xbox games since their inception. Below you’ll find our guides and tutorials for playing your Xbox games on Android, iOS, and even Chromebook while waiting for official PC support.

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