A petition has been launched to cancel Assassin's Creed Shadows.

Assassin's Creed Shadows is at the center of controversy over one of its two protagonists.

It will be released on November 15th. Shadows of Assassin's Creeda new chapter in the Ubisoft saga. This episode is particularly anticipated because it will be the first to be set in feudal Japan, a period that fans have long requested.

But since its official release in May 2024, and in particular the introduction of the two playable characters, Naoe, the shinobi, and Yasuke, the black samurai, the game has been talked about. It is Yasuke who attracts the most criticism from a certain segment of gamers, who point out that if the character actually exists, his role as described in Ubisoft's game would not fully reflect reality, due to the lack of reliable historical sources on the subject.

Above all, his skin color sparked debate on forums that are usually hot on the heels of controversy, such as 4Chan, which accused the French publisher of “Wokism.” Even Elon Musk had his say, but his film’s executive producer ignored him.Shadows of Assassin's Creed.

Petition demanding cancellation of the match

However, let us point out that Ubisoft has never fully adapted the historical facts, preferring instead to romanticize them as in Assassin's Creed UnitWho depicted the French Revolution with touches of imagination.

If that's not enough, petition It is supposed to be launched by a Japanese player and has collected over 38,000 signatures. In it, Ubisoft is asked to cancel its game simply because of its “lack of historical accuracy and cultural respect.” The game, according to the author, would be “a serious insult to Japanese culture and history” and could lead to “anti-Asian racism.”

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The petition therefore calls for the “immediate cancellation” of theShadows of Assassin's CreedIt called on its developers to “show honest research and respect for Japanese history and culture.”

Ubisoft has not commented on this matter.

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