How can virtual reality change vocational training?

Virtual reality is a headset that you put on your head to immerse yourself in a 3D, fully virtual (or mixed-reality, virtual-real) world. With many forms available, the technology has gained a reputation in video games, culture, and entertainment. But now it’s increasingly present in the world of work.

The Laval Virtual Show, in Laval in Mayenne, has been a key meeting place for economic players in the sector for more than 20 years. This year, several exhibitors presented their vision of virtual reality applied to training. This is how, in the exhibition halls, we can learn, like a mechanic, how to fasten boards and screws on a mechanical crane, from virtual elements but with the help of a robotic arm perfectly adapted to them.

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In appearance, it seems futuristic, but this type of device is already used in some training courses, explains Benjamin de Lavergne Damblard, developer of CEA, who designed one of these tools, which has been adapted in several schools and training centers: “The goal is not to learn movements, like pulling air fittings, that's not what you learn in VR. On the other hand, we learn the assembly process, and all the instructions: that's actually easier than doing it in real life.“, He said.

One of the challenges of developing virtual reality is economic, as it allows us to train more learners, including in technical professions:Today, training centers face high costs for educational equipment.“Abdul Benamer explains that he created iOasis, a virtual city available to professors in 120 tense professions.

There is aging equipment, maintenance costs to be ensured, and unfortunately these institutions do not have an infinite budget, which means that virtual reality is a very good solution to get the latest educational equipment.“He adds,” he adds.

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