A playground for children obsessed with zero risk

aWith the pandemic, the stadiums have become somewhat equivalent to the China Sea, in terms of traffic density and geostrategic issues. Because of a storm, they, along with children, are now frequented by an audience with asymmetric aspirations. When some take advantage of the device to do pulls, others pledge to turn these spaces into a wild aperitif, relying on the fact that there are always seats there.

The play area is the Gymnasium Club of a world without Gymnasium, at the same time as the last hall where we talk, beer at hand we find ourselves there that, somehow, under the protection of children, this place encircles a residual yard where pleasure and indifference are still somewhat overlapping. Well, they wouldn’t come and recommend me there anyway.We tell ourselves, thinking about enthusiastic health policy implementers, whose statistical efficacy sometimes appears to be lower in vaccinated subjects compared to distributed peaches.

Deploying force

Well, this was in the world before! Because since the last confinement, in an effort to reduce the mixing of the population and the spread of the virus, the consumption of alcohol on the public highway has been banned in several sections; This means that the playing area has lost its free zone status. Last weekend, while sitting in a park with my friends in Paris, I was able to watch a ballet dancing three undercover police officers who spent an afternoon watching with almost indecent enthusiasm, from a small bump, the play area below, as if it was a lab methamphetamine.

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Whenever they see a parent pull out his box and prepare to bring it to his lips, they pounce on the culprit, and tell him to stop it immediately, immediately, immediately, or else “It’s a € 135 fine.”. It’s amazing to see that one can consume crack in Stalingrad Square in plain sight without really getting anxious, but having a drink on the stadium now seems to be endangering national security. We’re not saying it’s necessarily necessary to see parents sipping a Goudale in front of kids playing the hanging pig, just that the use of force here is totally disproportionate …

A strategic place where all the neurotic issues of our relationship to risk are centered in a kind of symbolic deposition.

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