Daily Deal Oculus Quest 1 and 2: The Deal of the Day is a Street of Rage 4 virtual reality fighting game (2021/03/04)

Every day there is a promotion onOculus Store Quest And if this doesn’t equal the discounts offered during previous big sales, a big savings still comes along.

Today’s upgrade is a fighting game that has its roots in the genre currently promoted by Fury Street 4. In a colorful retro style presumably, The Way of the Warrior It’s really fun to play, and since its release we spent a few hours there alone or in co-op. Each level offers, as a bonus, combat, bosses, bonuses that are sometimes hidden in unlikely locations. Another key ingredient, unfortunately not very well known, would enhance the VRtheque perfectly. The Way of the Warrior In English but all menus are in French. It is not compatible with Savings cloud (Losing progress if uninstalling), but it is Buy across, Which means that you buy it Oculus Store Quest, You can also retrieve it for free Its version is PCVR To run it acrossOculus link or Virtual desktop.

The Way of the Warrior (€ 15.99 19.99 euros -20%) (1.68 GB) (VOSTFR + FR Screen) (C) (4.2) – PEGI 7
Imagine Street of Fury from a first-person perspective and you’ll get this game that puts us in the shoes of the person who will restore order in the city. A surprise at first glance, this production is a pure tribute to retro fighting games and the gameplay adaptation to excellent virtual reality. It takes a little space to avoid something breaking, but if you’re a fan of the genre, try it!

You can also take a walk around theApplications Lab Which offers standalone novelties and even some free trials.

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If you haven’t yet taken this action, you can treat yourself with Oculus Quest 2 in a Bolanger, The FnacAnd My darty or Amazon For 349.99 euros.

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