A robot that can be controlled by VR and 5G is on the way

Sarcos Robotics, based in Salt Lake City, is developing a mobile robot capable of performing hazardous jobs. Thus, it has the potential to replace the professionals responsible for doing so. Its peculiarity is that it can be controlled using Virtual Reality and the 5G.

There are many dangerous professions and jobs around the world. Cutting tree branches several meters above the ground, repairing embankments, lifting objects weighing more than 100 kg, etc., there is a whole list of them. Although these different tasks expose some professionals to different risks, such as falls, burns, etc., they still have to accomplish them to earn a living.

Sarcos Robotics wants to change that by creating a mobile industrial robot capable of doing all this work. Startup is already on version 2 of the device currently. This will protect the concerned personnel from any danger. They will be able to control it remotely via virtual reality technology and 5G.

Sarcos Robotics: High-performance mobile industrial robot on the list

Sarcos Robotics has named its new mobile industrial robot Guardian XT. So he will have the ability to do any work in a dangerous or difficult to access environment. Whether it is in a confined space or at a height, for example, the device can thus perform the task without any hassle.

It can follow all the movements of the user in real time thanks to 5G and exceptional connection speed. To control it, the latter will only have to wear a coil VR . Headset The suit is equipped with motion sensors.

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In short, the famous robot can be considered as upper body For the user, but with super powerful arms. It also has all kinds of accessories that can be configured to accomplish different tasks, different cameras and sensors, built-in battery, etc.

Note that the startup is currently developing an exoskeleton called XO Guardian. This system gives anyone who wears it powers, such as lifting very heavy objects without the slightest effort.

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