Val d’Oise: This high school itinerant cultural access system fits six boxes!

This will greatly expand the horizon of the classroom. Jacques-Yves-Cousteau College in Merry-sur-Oise received “Micro-madness” at the beginning of the academic year. This term refers to the red pavilions of the Parc de la Villette in Paris, which are used to host various cultural events.

Small follies are set since a set of equipment that allows to consult works in the form of a digital museum. The goal is to develop 1,000 by 2022 across the country in order to provide access to culture to a remote audience.

Val-d’Oise has eight—including Méry-sur-Oise—three scheduled to open in the coming days (in Éragny, Bessancourt and Taverny) and 12 in pregnancy. The machine just installed at Jacques-Yves Cousteau College has the peculiarity of being portable. It can be transported in only six boxes and fits in a pickup truck.

The Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, or the Palace of Versailles

“We told ourselves that it would be good to have a mobile device to go to colleges as well as nursing homes, independent housing, etc.”, explains Rachid Adda, director of Val d’Oise Digital, who relies on the district council. It is this mixed union that controls the crap The little one in Val-d’Oise who got to Jacques-Yves-Cousteau College for about 100,000 euros.

“We got into this room and there you can discover the works on the shelves,” explains Julien Chevalier, chief operating officer of Micro-follies at Parc de la Villette.

For the demonstration, the Mona Lisa is shown. Tablets are mounted on tripods with available headphones while a large screen broadcasts the image of the Mona Lisa. Everyone can navigate to discover the details of the work. The group-friendly unit allows one person to take the lead, and is well suited for school groups.

A painting by Leonardo da Vinci is not the only accessible work. In the catalog there are more than 5,000 works from the largest cultural institutions (the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay or the Palace of Versailles). But the legacy of Val-d’Oise will also soon be represented.

“In the Roissy-Pays-de-France conglomerate community, there is a project to digitize religious heritage, also with Archéa collections, to push it into Micro-follies,” confirms Rachid Ada. Micro-Folie also has a headset for virtual reality. This type of immersive experience is very beneficial for the elderly. The game library completes the system.

educational bag for teachers

Micro-folie also contains FabLab. It is a set of equipment (3D printer, fabric printing, sewing machine, milling machine, film cutter, etc.) that allows the production of objects. “In nursing homes, we will be able to work on creating signage tools to improve independence,” explains Valerie Gauthier, of Ze Fab Truck, which will support Micro-madness fans. In college, we’ll be discovering digital careers. “

It can be used for art, science and art projects. Staff is provided and an educational kit is provided for teachers to use. “After three hours of training, anyone can make it themselves,” says Rashid Addah.

After spending a few days in college in Méry-sur-Oise, the micro-folie will be able to travel. Schools can contact the department board to welcome them. It is planned to bring it to 35 independent homes and nursing homes.

Rural communities have also stepped in to bring the little madmen into their homes. Hérouville-en-Vexin will be the first to have it. It is also planned to be introduced as a support in the municipalities where it already exists, for neighborhood homes or social centers, for example.

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