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Framsoftware, especially when led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, always pays more attention to details, many of which are not even noticed by most players. Fortunately, there are those who care and share these findings, such as Lance McDonald. The secret detail at the feet of the Elton Ring characters.

If you reach the waterfront of the Elton Ring and walk on it Sand, The character leaves footprints. This is nothing new, but Lance McDonald has noticed that the footprints change when the character’s shoes are removed. Instead of looking at the identity of the shoe you are wearing, even with the print of the individual toes, the footprint will appear realistically in the sand. Below you will find the video source shared by McDonald’s.

This is one of them Situation details As mentioned, many will not notice. This only applies to a certain type of terrain, but the player must stop and look at their footprints. Most players wear a full set and run on the map without looking at the scores left on the ground. However, Miyazaki always wants to take care of every detail, and for this reason his games are remembered and appreciated. It seems that Elton Ring has not lost this difficult focus.

Tell me, what do you think about this description? Finally, here is our article dedicated to the Elton Ring, we tried the network test in advance: here’s what we think.

Veronica Tucker

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