Discovery paves the way for brain-like computers

Research has long been working to develop computers that can operate with the same energy efficiency as our brains. A study, conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg, succeeded for the first time in combining memory function and computational function in the same component. This discovery paves the way for more efficient technologies. More efficient technologies such as cell phones or self-driving cars.

In recent years, computers have become capable of processing cognitive tasks Developments, such as language and image recognition or displaying superior chess skills. This is largely thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, the the human mind He is still unrivaled in his ability. Especially in the ability to perform tasks in an efficient and energy-efficient manner.

A great leap in computing

In collaboration with a research team from Tohoku University, Johan Aukermann led a study that took an important step toward achieving this goal. In this study, researchers have succeeded for the first time in connecting two major advanced computing tools: oscillator networks and the memristors.

Aukermann describes oscillators as oscillating circuits capable of performing calculations and comparable to human neurons. The memristors They are programmable resistors that can also perform calculations and have built-in memory. Therefore, it is comparable memory cells. The integration of these two components constitutes a major advance for researchers.

“This is an important advance, because we are showing that it is possible to combine memory function and computation function in the same component. These components work like neural networks Energy Efficiency from the brain. This allows them to become important building blocks for future computers, such as the brain. “

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Energy-saving technologies

According to Johan kerman, this discovery will allow the development of Faster Technologies, easier to use. Technologies that will also consume less energy in many areas. He believes that the fact that the research team has succeeded in producing components in a very small space is a big advantage. Thus, hundreds of components, for example, can fit into a surface area equivalent to a single bacterium. This can be especially important for small applications such as Mobile phones.

“from mathematical calculations More energy efficiency may lead to new functions in mobile phones. Like digital assistants siri where google browser She is an example. Today, all processing is done by servers. The computations really require quite a bit of power for the small size of the phone. If the calculations could instead be done locally, on the phone itself, they could be done much faster and easier. This, without the need for contact servers. “

auto quotes in Self-driving and drones as other examples where more energy-efficient calculations can promote development.

“more cCognitive accounts It can be implemented in an energy-saving manner, the more applications are possible. That’s why our study really has the potential to move this area forward.”

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