A simple scam endangers the accounts of many users, including those who send SMS to you

Hackers continue to target WhatsApp by detecting news scams. The latter is much simpler.

Despite its popularity and strategies to protect the data of millions of users, WhatsApp continues to be the cross-chair of fraudsters.

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For example, mails Apparently very convincing news They do nothing but make many users fall into the trap.

WhatsApp: A simple and popular scam that puts many users’ accounts at risk

As mentioned, the Frauds There are many, but the latter can be harmful Share Because it is so simple. Thus spreading like wildfire.

The purpose of the fraud Log in to your account Steal a user and all personal data. To do this, he receives a phone call and calls a specific number. Once the user makes the call, the hacker easily takes the account.

So, the numbers to look out for are 10-digit numbers that start with “67” or “405”.

Find out this scam Rahul Sasi, Founder and CEO of CloudSEk, which also deals with information security. It also provides tips on how to make personal data more secure.

In fact, Sasi recommends running itFactor recognition Set a password or PIN to sign in to your WhatsApp account.

You have to go to implement two factor authentication Settings Then Account. Select Two-step verification And then click To implement Or Skills. Enter one 6 digit code And press Come. Once activated, you will need to enter the selected PIN every time you access WhatsApp.

How to report

Finally, before making a phone call following the request of a person we do not know, it is good to stop and think that this is not a scam. In this case, do not proceed, but report the truth to the postal police or other law enforcement agencies.

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