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WhatsApp, chatting in another language without knowing Italian is possible by knowing a simple trick. Let’s see what it is.

You do not have to be multilingual to write text in a language other than your own. WhatsApp allows you to use the practice of writing without errors in different dialects.

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A messaging app that lets you play Various functions During the day, that’s whatsapp. Chatting with friends, sending work documents, managing team, spying on a partner, finding a parked car or Record calls. It is impossible to give up all of these and there are constant updates Introducing new features It makes the experience more and more complete. If the list of services provided is not enough, we reveal another trick to make you realize the usefulness of the messaging application. It is possible Chat in one language You do not know and it sounds like a perfect multilingual.

WhatsApp, How To Chat In Another Language

Whether it is English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese or German, you can be satisfied with knowing the practical tricks through WhatsApp. Let’s talk about Google Translate Embedded in the messaging application to write correctly and fluently in a language other than the known language.

It is necessary at the outset to proceed in this sense Download Gboard, Smartphone keyboard advertised by Google. It only takes a few minutes to install; After downloading, click on the three dots in the upper right and select the item “Translation”. At this point, it is sufficient to select the language To write Results on WhatsApp and Chat. A few steps, therefore, to become a polyglot in the view of the recipient.

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Google Translate, multi-task solution

You can get it by using Google Translate Instant translation By typing single words or whole sentences in the space provided or by creating the text to be translated by the smartphone camera. Translations are also available in offline mode. Interesting features especially with the Gboard keyboard you can connect them with WhatsApp. That means chatting in different languages Solve problems Work or converse with people who live miles away. This is a useful function when traveling abroad Ask for helpYou need to understand what a service or person in front of you is saying.

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