This portable air conditioner is under 140€

As summer approaches, it’s important to bring fans and other air conditioners along, so you can enjoy a cool, comfortable home during periods of high heat.
Pleasant and Overly Pleasant Depending on the region of the country you’re in, air conditioners come in many forms, and sometimes sell for exorbitant prices. If you don’t want to spend all your savings on one of these devices, but still want to be able to spend the summer in a cool place, take a look at this promo.
Available for less than 140€ on AmazonThis 4 in 1 portable air conditioner is also an air purifier and humidifier, and it can also work as a fan.

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Portable and practical air conditioner

Without a cumbersome and uncomfortable drain hose that always requires placing the air conditioner near a window, ROIPUS It works in a completely different way.
Indeed, it is equipped with several compartments, and this air conditioner is equipped with bottles that you have to fill with water and put in the refrigerator, before pouring them into the tank of the machine.
Once the fresh water has been incorporated into the conditioning, you can use its three speed levels to circulate the fresh air that will be generated by the water in the tank.

With 4 ice crystals, ROIPUS provides you with more or less cool and strong air, thanks to the integrated honeycomb-shaped cooling pad, which increases water absorption and improves thermal performance. In short, the fresher the water you put into the ROIPUS tank, the fresher the air will be.

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Rotary air conditioner, equipped with a timer and 3 cooling modes, including sleep mode for light and pleasant air flow during the night, this air conditioner on wheels can be moved anywhere in the house and can distribute cool air up to 7 meters. It is light and practical, and is able to purify the air and reduce allergens and other dust, so you can enjoy clean, fresh and healthy air all summer long.
Practical and very easy to move, we thoroughly check the authenticity of this portable air conditioner.
in this moment Available at only 135€This offer only lasts a few days.

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