A visit like no other to Liscar Cathedral

Amazing experience

To achieve this, the latter immortalized the building …

Amazing experience

To achieve this, the latter immortalized the 12th century building from every angle using a 3D camera that he placed in several places on the site. Extensive work allowed him to make this visit which was not like the others. “The goal is to get people to want to go and visit the site,” insists this author photographer, who specializes in creating virtual spaces.

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And if the visit is also available on the screen, directly from the phone or smartphoneThis can also be done with a helmet on the eyes on Saturday, May 14th at Arcade VR in Lescar. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., this virtual reality show offers a free quiz to visit during Museum Night.

“It is outside the usual framework, but it allows us to show us the many possibilities of virtual reality,” confirmed Pierre Totak and Anis Vasseur, both associated with Arcade VR Head. Sitting well on a small chair, with a stare that moves inside the building. The result is amazing and you can take the place of the priest behind the altar as well as visit the treasure room. Every detail was captured and it is an exciting experience to walk the building.

When a tree root lifts the floor of Liscar Cathedral

An old rootstock from a tree that was felled some time ago has removed the nave tiles of Liscar Cathedral in recent months. After the tile is removed, the root can be removed and the tile reinstalled. The building will also undergo significant roofing work in the coming months. Thus, Liscar allocated an amount of 800,000 euros for this purpose. Work should start soon.

In addition to this visit, Arcade VR will also offer four other such experiences. For example, the public will be able to discover the Chauvet Cave or even the medieval Notre-Dame de Paris. It will also be possible to enjoy a virtual museum with different works or even experience the “Dreams of Dali”, which takes you directly to the work of the Spanish painter.

many possibilities

Lots of proposals that make up the DNA of Arcade VR. Opened in 2019 at 160 boulevard de l’Europe in Liscar, the room offers eight cabins – spaces with a VR headset – two car simulators and one in the third to fly a plane on a Flight Simulator. The experiences on offer are multiple, and can be played both alone and in team play.

The editorial staff advises you

It is enough to gain the trust of visitors over time. “The hardest part at first was the introduction, but the people who came back,” Anis Vasseur says. A diverse and varied audience, with average ages between 25 and 45 years old. “We come here like we go bowling or to the cinema,” continues Pierre Totak.

Arcade VR, 160 boulevard de l’Europe, Saturday 14 May from 6pm to 11pm. free. Reservations with the room are recommended. Only 11 years old.

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