A Week of 3D Printing # 264

Last week, on the occasion of the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States of America, the French company Microlight3D printed the Infinitely Small Statue of Liberty! Besançon CHRU outfitted itself with 3D SLA printers. 3D Hubs has been acquired by Protolabs. Anycubic (for whom we are preparing a Photon Mono X test) introduced the Wash & Cure Plus product on the occasion of CES 2021. A forum member 3D printed a Land Rover 4×4 and finally, we’ll talk to you again with an iPhone 12 built-in 3D scanner.

3D printing at CHRU Besançon

The University Hospital Besançon Center Recently equippedResin 3D Printers By Formlabs. They were installed by the French company Silos As Dr. Lofrer explains in the video below, they allow surgeons to prepare for their operations through printing Realistic anatomical models Which can be flexible and transparent.

3D Hubs was acquired by Protolabs

Established in 2013, print service Three-dimensional axes It experienced strong and rapid growth to become a major player in additive manufacturing. A proposed presentation in 20 countries and over 6 million pieces printed In plastic, metal, resin and resilience … but she’s now in an embrace Protolaps That 3Dhubs service is now a part, for a total $ 280 million To take over all services and staff.

Enicopic & Cure Lotion Plus (CES 2021)

Anicubic Presented in the default gallery CES 2021 The new post-processing machine for 3D resin prints. the device Anicopic & Cure Plus Lotion Secondly, Wash & Cure first from the name, which here is the test, by introducing a Larger workload (192 x 120 x 245mm), with Dual-color LED And the More free settings For working time (1 to 60 minutes as desired, instead of 6 minutes). The Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus Fund will be released in May 2021.

Anicopic & Cure Plus Lotion

Thumbnail (large) 4×4 3D printed Land Rover

In the forum, vap38 presents its latest achievement: a 4×4 Land Rover with wishbone suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers. a Electrical engine He will move the device. This replica still measures 45 cm de long It weighs about 3,5 kg. Therefore, a lot of reels of thread are needed, but also patience and experience in 3D printing. it’s a Tenlog TL-3D Pro Which prints everything. Find out his work on this Forum topic !

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