Maze Theory presente Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

Prepare to travel through space and time in the new Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality video game.

What would the legendary Time Lord be if he didn’t have to save the universe with three? Well, we’ll probably never know, because in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality You have to do it again with our help.

The guys at Maze Theory seem to specialize in making video games based on popular TV series. But above all, they liked to give us different adventures of the famous doctor.

With this latest work, the studio’s interactions with the BBC character total three. The Lonely Assassins and Edge of Time are the former, and the second is a virtual reality adventure.

In today’s title, we’ll join the 13th Doctor who will be voiced by Jodi Whitaker. With her we will embark on a journey to save the universe, meeting along the way with the Tenth Doctor, played again by the great David Tennant.

The argument will be completely original, and it will be created specifically for the occasion. As companions of the two legendary doctors, we must figure out how to stop a chain of events that destroys the timeline.

Along the way, we will encounter many classic villains from the series such as Daleks, Weeping Angels, or Cybermen. But we will also discover a new development for the latter, which will make things even more difficult for us.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality will be released for PlayStation 5, Series X/S, Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 30. Go and have your sonic screwdriver ready.

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Let’s go!

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