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A woman makes a small computer

With remote work, cats have rediscovered the joy of lying down on our computers. A clearly comfortable setting, but less so when it comes to work.

Cat cats have been known to love computers. Why ? Actually because they release the heat, but also because we spend so much time on them, which piques the interest of felines who never hesitate to indulge in the keyboard demanding a few scratches, or settle in front of the camera right in front of the meeting.

Small computer for cats!

On TikTok, a subscriber recently shared her solution to be able to work more quietly, while making her cat happy: she made her own microcomputer!

And if we believe the video shared on the social network, it seems that the cat appreciates his computer.

When working from home, don’t forget to take breaks to share the moments with your pets when they need them. It only takes a few short minutes, and it’s good for everyone!

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