Boss gives employees a day off to celebrate the release of the video game

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On Friday, employees of Japanese virtual reality studio Mark On can stay home. Their boss, Jack Masaki, reports that he granted them special leave to release the Monster Hunter Rise video game Geek Magazine.

The manager felt that given the importance of the game from the Capcom studio to his employees, they wouldn’t necessarily be aware of their work. So on March 26, he officially declared the “monster hunter holiday”.

Jack Masaki justified the decision on Twitter. “Most of the employees are taking time off for today. So I decided to make it a straightforward vacation,” the donor wrote. So, with the weekend, employees have three days to immerse themselves in new Monster Hunter adventures.

A welcome day off

The president of the company was not affected by this initiative, and it is not a trivial one, as the Japanese are reluctant to take a vacation even if they have permission. While they can claim 35 days off including 15 public holidays, employees only take 8.8 days a year, according to a survey published by the Ministry of Health and Labor in 2017. Southwest.

Monster Hunter Rise is an action RPG that lets players hunt monsters in the Middle Ages. In this new episode of the saga, new monsters have appeared ready to exterminate the population. The game is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for 59.99 euros (Standard Edition) and 69.99 euros (Deluxe Edition).

For all fans of the series, the day the game was released, the Nintendo Switch was offered in Monster Hunter Rise colors for € 379.99.



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