Absolute innovation in the pro-club, a revolution never seen before


With FIFA 22 officially available on October 1, 2021, EA Sports has decided to get new information about the game through some releases. Today is about pro-club.

FIFA 22: Complete innovation in pro-club

Of course, the Ultimate team, with its millions of players and billions of euros This is very valuable but in a structure similar to the past, there are also messages for the Pro Club, especially for sports.

In FIFA 22 Pro Club players First of all they can get all the technical and technological advancements thanks to HyperMotion Tech, but also from others.

This year’s goal is to transform the FIFA 22 Pro clubs into a community experience. EA Sports, in fact, wants to turn this time into a football-like meeting place with friends. You run the console, enter the mode, connect with everyone and chat and play.

To simplify this, EA Pro has improved the technology behind clubs, improving flow while controlling obstacles that have appeared in the past. This translates to drop-in in friend lobbies, can instantly use voice chat and talk even when not playing. It will also be easy to load your favorite mount to play instantly.


Not just with pro club friends

Not just with friends. In fact, EA wants to make new friends. In other words you are trying to reduce the dead time of the game to go straight to the field even if there are no players on your team.

You grow based on the game on the pitch

EA Sports has also revisited the way a virtual football player can grow and develop. In other words, thanks for the progress of the competition analysis, You will grow based on your behavior on the pitch during the competition.

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So this system will not only increase the stats, but also help you earn offers, skill points and everything else while playing.

In fact, you can create a virtual football player by relying on 5 antiquities or models to choose the path. Also, the offers in FIFA 22 will have a huge impact on the progress of the game. In fact, these affect the entire team.

To activate them, they give different types of bonuses, just like what happens to snipers.

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Summer Stars FIFA FUT 2021
Summer Stars FIFA FUT 2021

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