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Stalker 2 Explained in a little more detail by a message written directly by GTC Game World developers on the Xbox Wire blog, from which we can draw a little Information His Story, game, characters and structure.

It starts with the first gameplay trailer released for Stalker 2 last month, in which we had our first taste of the game, with the new protagonist Grab Zone. We saw the protagonist being called Skating, The code name for a type of recruitment that has the most important future for the entire region.

The trailer we saw earlier takes place inside a dilapidated school in the ghost town Prebiot, Very dangerous environment but apparently someone has set up some kind of camp there.

However, it seems that Schiff does not have much time to pay attention, because he has a serious urgency and urgency to move, the developers explain: what is going on around the protagonist is a “Problem”, A characteristic element of the zone in STALKER

That’s one Very dangerous moment, Which determines the arrival of a menace with the potential to kill instantly, for this reason Schiff moves quickly, in fact he seeks shelter, the only way the zone’s investigators can be trusted to retain an emission.

The developers point out how to avoid this mess Someone is hiding in the shadows During the scene, it is “familiar” … the quests are yours.

Finally, GSC Game World reports that Stalker 2 is growing rapidly. Version Xbox Series X | S.. However, SSD aims to achieve the highest standards on all platforms by fully exploiting Radiation Tracking (Xbox Series X and S) and 4K (Xbox Series X).

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Release date not yet available, but Xbox Series X | The developers confirm that the Stalker 2 will be available on the Xbox Game Pass from day one, as previously announced, with a dedicated console in support of the S. Temporary but not yet specifically mentioned.

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