According to a report, growth is in big trouble and a lot of money is wasted –

According to Kodak’s report, growth Beyond good and evil2 Will be in one Critical situation. In fact, this project will burn a lot of money. The sudden disappearance from the scene, the loss of director Michael Ansel and the unfulfilled promises made to the players, especially by making them participate in the preparation of the game, made it clear over the years that something was not going right. .

Tom Henderson, who was inside, reinforced Kotaku’s account, when asked by a follower about the status of the game, commenting with the recollection of a man standing on top of a garbage bag and opening his hands.

In short, we emphasize more and more about one thing Complete cancellation Beyond good and evil 2, many still believe that problems will be solved. After all, as Bloomberg announced at the beginning of the year, the game still seems to be in pre-production, so the situation is really in production as far as the health of the title is concerned.

Of course, if you want to hurt him like this, it’s better to release him …

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