Do you have a Samsung mobile? So you can mute calls and alerts with just one touch

At the same time we use our Samsung phone, we discover functions that are of great value to the user. As always, we are here to share our findings with you in the form of tips so that you, too, can benefit from them. Specifically, it silences calls and alarms with a single tap.

If a call is ringing and you want to mute the sound, you don’t need to unlock the device or touch any button, it’s much easier thanks to this trick. In fact, you just have to turn the screen of the mobile phone or simply put your hand on top of the screen. Not only is it useful for silencing calls, it also works to prevent annoying alerts from going off when you wake up.

Activate this function on your Samsung mobile phone to mute calls and alarms with a single gesture.

Stop calls and alarms from your Samsung with just one click

Silencing calls and alarms on your mobile phone is much easier if you have a Samsung phone. By studying the functions of the brand’s terminals, we have found a very useful tool to quickly mute a call or alarm without having to open the mobile phone or touch an option.

The function that allows us to do this is called “Gesture Mute”, and as the name suggests, it silences these calls and alarms through gestures that work with the locked smartphone. We have two different gestures: put the phone upside down or put your hand on the screen.

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Do you have a Samsung mobile? Disable this setting in the options to take better selfies

Just do one of these two gestures when you want your mobile phone to stop ringing, either because you’re getting a call that you can’t answer, or when your alarm goes off in the morning and you want it to stop ringing. To enable this useful feature, you have to follow this simple process:

  1. Access the Settings app on your Samsung mobile phone.
  2. Scroll down and go to the “Advanced Features” section.
  3. Find and enter the “Movements and Gestures” menu.
  4. Activate the Gesture Mute function.

Do you have a Samsung mobile?  So you can mute calls and alerts with just one touch

From this moment on, you already know that you just have to flip your phone or cover the screen with your hand to stop the ringing. If you want to be a little tougher and stop the phone from ringing for any reason, it might be best to disable all sounds completely on your Samsung phone.

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