According to Peyton, Verratti “will hold the keys to the game.”

This Wednesday at 9 pm, Paris Saint-Germain will play its 16th Champions League round against FC Barcelona. One of the most important matches of the season since the capital club managed to secure its ticket to the quarter-finals by confirming its good performance and 1-4 success in the first leg. on air France blu parisJournalist Stefan Beaton spoke about this encounter, but also about the importance that 28-year-old midfielder Marco Verratti will have in this match.

Beaton “Verratti was critical in my goal for Mbappe on Saturday in Brest”

Do you know how to say “the hour of truth in the language of Paris Saint-Germain”? We say “Verratti’s clock.” A word game. In the absence of Neymar at the start of the matchHe will hold the keys to the match, the second leg against Barcelona. This is the most important game of the season so far before others, hopefully. Verratti was crucial to my goal for Mbappe on Saturday in Brest. He is revealing himself in this return to his roots, to the position of an attacking midfielder. ”

Beaton “Paris needs a creator in the middle, a player who can feed those in the front.”

We know its qualities. He has excellent technique and precision with substitutions, but he still has to improve his focus, and talks a lot with his mouth and hands. Then his stats. I think he could do better in terms of assists and even scoring goals. We often talk about the Fantastic Four at PSG, for me it’s one of the Five Essentials: Navas, Marquinhos, Verratti, Neymar, and Mbappé. Paris needs an innovative midfield player, a player who can feed everyone in the front and there is quality. “

The young Italian has always been on the alert in these types of meetings, and his contribution to the midfielder is essential, especially when it comes to a high-profile match. Since the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino in early January, Verratti has been positioned slightly higher on the field in order to distribute the match more than before. This is the role that suits him perfectly, as his ball-to-foot technique allows him to break lines, clear space for attackers, but also give them passes on a regular basis.

To win on Wednesday, a cool Verratti will obviously be needed, but his teammates will also have to live up to expectations. After his hat trick in the first leg, Kylian Mbappe, the 22-year-old Parisian striker, will also wait impatiently, hoping that his performance will be equally successful, so that PSG can secure his qualification for the next round. All in all, it is a great team performance that we will have to do against this Barcelona team who will definitely be eager to achieve this feat.

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