Acquisition of Techland by Microsoft Dying Lite as an Inner-Nerd 4. Life Company

Microsoft will buy Techland, Xbox Game Studio Add, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Author of Dying Light working on S Games. This is what the famous person says Internal. I Rumor In this regard, they have already launched in late 2019: the rumor spread that Microsoft is looking for a Polish team, suggesting that in early 2020, the difficulties in creating Dying Lite 2 could have been Decland. The company denied such rumors and said it would be independent.

Of course, now that everything has changed, it shows that Microsoft has no problem spending big bucks on new studios, a testament to its $ 7 billion acquisition of Bethesda. This new leak is, precisely, coming from YouTube Inner Jeremy Ponder, Also known as ACG, said Microsoft plans to get a bigger deal by buying a group in 2021. He did not elaborate further, but the well-known Nick Baker on Twitter Mostly Ed, Said Ponder talking about Decland.

We should point out that not all of Baker’s “predictions” have been accurate in the past, but he has shared accurate information about the exact darkness, the purchase of the Empress Group’s gearbox and other events in recent months. It’s still just a rumor when you remember it Not official informationHowever, one should note the notion that Baker “guessed” again.

Regarding Dying light2, Even if it assumes that Microsoft buys Decland before the release, It’s almost certain to be a cross – site topic, To date Redmond has allowed the acquired teams to complete their projects and release the already announced games on all platforms.

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Finally, we point out that Microsoft will discuss AI and video games at a specific conference.

Veronica Tucker

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