Computer – Little progress in dealing with digital authorities


Berlin – The digitization of management has stopped. Also in 2020, there were only a few additional offers for citizens and businesses to be able to sponsor administrative files online.

327 services could be processed digitally, in the previous year there were 293 services. This is evidenced by the response to a small request from FDP member Torsten Herbst, SPIEGEL wrote. The Online Access Law states that by next year, 575 government services should be digitally available, such as applying for a driver’s license, registering a company, or issuing a birth certificate. At the current rate of digitization, nothing should come of this. Additionally, the digital display does not necessarily have to be nationwide – a “pilot municipality” suffices.

For example, currently only Hessian Main-Kinzig can apply for a driver’s license digitally, as this has only happened 46 times since September. The federal government estimates that at the end of October there were 35.88 million ID cards in circulation also being activated for online jobs, accounting for 57 percent of all suitable ID cards. Internet ID is required for identification in digital public offices. The use of “electronic identity functions” for ID cards increased by 380 percent in 2020.


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