Action Against Hunger Haute-Garonne organizes a solidarity march

On this Sunday, June 12, 2022, the delegation of Action Against Hunger Haute-Garonne is organizing a connected solidarity rally. This meeting was proposed on the occasion of the World Day Against Hunger scheduled for 15 June.

The NGO volunteers announced their departure from the port of Saint-Sauveur in Toulouse between 10am and 2pm. (CC BY-SA Yelles / Wikimedia)

A new demonstration by the delegation of Action Against Hunger Haute-Garonne. this is Sunday 12 June 2022, the NGO organizes a connected solidarity walk along the Canal du Midi and in the streets of the Pink City. Participants will be able to rediscover some unusual places in Toulouse. This meeting will also raise funds for the association.

The aim of this friendly and fun event is to raise public awareness of the problem of world hunger, to prove that this scourge is not inevitable and that there are solutions to tackle it. Action Against Hunger says in a press release.

What does increasing solidarity related to an NGO consist of?

The participants will all walk together from one point to another. They will all have an app that gives them a test throughout the ride. This strange caller guide will test on Their knowledge of the city(e) Action Against Hunger missions. Note that a hard copy of the test is also available.

NGO volunteers announce their departure From the port of Saint-Sauveur in Toulouse between 10 am and 2 pm.. But today it is not just about connected solidarity. Organizers are also planning entertainment such as Giant goose game or VR experience. To accompany the participants, music is also planned and to reward them, Action Against Hunger will provide a snack for pedestrians.

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Registration is possible on the site.. The NGO offers free participation toMinimum €5 per person And the Free For children under 10 years old. More info on their Facebook group: Action Against Hunger Haute-Garonne.

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