Adam Paulowski: Tired of playing too?

In this post I address the topic of gaming fun and gaming fatigue, which is something that is important to me personally. What do we do when we lose motivation to gamble and what could be the reasons for this?

I was fed with it

When was the last time you enjoyed a game? I mean, you really immersed yourself in the game and couldn’t walk away from it. Personally, I can’t remember the last time it was for me. It was supposed to be a World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 release however, for the first time, it happened to Valheim again for a long time. With that exception, I can barely get into a game.

Yes, there are games that I play for a long time (The Elder Scrolls Online, Cyberpunk 2077) that I “enjoy” as well, but most of the games I play barely exceed 90 minutes for me. I only feel tired after spending 2 hours chasing unrelated hypothetical tasks, but why?

Yup, I even went through phases where I realized that I might have overdone the games after all, because I’m rarely so excited about the game. But why is that and how do I find the fun in games again? We are faced with this question and the issue of remedial measures today.

living conditions

Let’s get to the obvious first. We come to the “mimimi” part. I am no longer 16 years old. At the age of thirty-five, I am already part of the older players’ goalkeeper. As you get older, you have to deal with a lot of things that were not an issue when you were young. Pay medical bills, make home repairs, spend time with family, do full-time work, file tax returns, and more.

Today challenges me with many things that have a higher priority than happy games. When there is finally time to play in the evening, the force often flies away and then travels back to strange worlds. I have to really force myself to pick up my mouse and keyboard or console. I have to force myself to have fun, which is not a good foundation.

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As a teen, you have more time to “shoot” your schoolbag in the corner after school and immerse yourself in the game. This is for younger readers: Have fun this time.

play with friends

This point became evident to me through a recent game experience in Valheim. My brother and I were about to wipe out the second boss, the huge tree monster that really challenged us and didn’t let us just bite off the grass once. This gaming experience was so intense that we stayed in the game until midnight. It was Thursday and the next day we had to get up early. But it is okay!

Conclusion: It’s better to try things together than to experience things alone. The first point emphasizes that it is increasingly rare that I spend time playing a game with friends. Everyone has their own priorities and assignments, so fewer people have to encounter to gamble together.

Nostalgia and back

Everything was better before. I used to have more fun. These ideas make me, idiot, get involved in World of Warcraft over and over again. I’m chasing the past sensation of World of Warcraft as I remember it. But this feeling never returns, and purely psychologically, this feeling cannot be experienced again. I am talking about nostalgia and a step back in time.

There are two terms closely related to showing the past in a positive way. If we think we don’t have fun with games that much anymore, it might just be because we’re feeling nostalgic and convinced that we used to have more fun. Emotional nostalgia cannot be felt with present feelings. Accept this fact and do not pressure yourself to achieve a level of fun that is only in your memory.

Luminous body syndrome

The abundance of toys we are exposed to will definitely contribute to our discontent. I don’t want to blame Steam selling and free EPIC games here, but we humans are overwhelmed with the ultimate choice of easy-to-get games. Once we have something new in our game library, a new game comes close. Be it a deal from the mentioned stores or a brand new release that grabs our attention. Our heap of shame is growing.

Because of the so-called “bright body syndrome”, we only see sparkling diamonds, which we chase as impulsively as children. Once comfortable in our library the game becomes boring. Not because it is bad, but because we always want what we don’t have. This creates a dilemma as we are no longer giving the game the time it needs to actually develop it. But this is exactly what is so important in the gaming experience. We have to spend enough time in the game so we can immerse ourselves in it and really get into it. With “bright being syndrome” we are exactly depriving our games of this opportunity. Compassion!

So we have to find the way to pick some games again and only then start a new game once we have “played” the old game enough.

The type of games I love has changed

I remember Hitman 1. So it’s not the new version, but the first real Hitman game. Celebrate infiltrating and killing the target person. That was 15 years ago. Unfortunately, I must say that I cannot do anything with the current Hitman games. Not because the gameplay is stupid or because I don’t like other things, but because I can’t recognize such a game anymore. Personally, I don’t like the idea of ​​carrying out a planned murder. This might sound like a breakthrough, but I changed.

It is said that the taste of food changes every seven years. I assume this also applies in part to computer games. We evolve and change as individuals. What we loved at the time doesn’t have to be fun anymore. So if you’re still playing Hitman 2020 and don’t know why you’re not having fun, then you should consider switching genres. Who knows, you might discover fun things you didn’t know.

There is no streaming condition like a streamer

This point should be read as a bonus to those who broadcast live.

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The flow state is a mental state of mind that you enter into when you do things that fully absorb it. You are not challenged very much or very little. Activity pulls us under the influence of his spell until we feel a deep sense of contentment and we can completely block out the world around us. A good game has managed to take us to this exact state. We can feel completely immersed through this. this is funy.

However, we cannot enter a state of flow unless we can fully focus on our activities. However, when broadcasting your gameplay, the focus on the game is often short. As a streaming device, you focus on a lot more than just the game. You want to monitor the chat, you want to respond to the chat, and comment on what happened as entertaining as possible and you should never lose sight of technology. Several things go through the mind of a streaming device at the same time. I have often noticed that I find it difficult to follow the plot of the game when I have to pay attention to these things at the same time. This can make the game less fun. But to be fair, the fun comes from another angle, namely in interacting with the audience. <3

Every now and then, it can be a good idea to let everything stand and lie and engage fully in a game without a broadcast.

Is contained

It’s okay not to have fun playing computer games. There are so many wonderful things in life that you can do instead. But if you ever want to enjoy games again, I hope my thoughts helped a little.

How about you, can you find yourself at one point or another?


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