Apple iMac 2021: Five colors and a new design?

Is this what the iMac 2021 looks like? YouTuber Jon Prosser had the show image created by the designer. (Image: John Prosser)

I amIn the past few years, Apple has not only technically revamped many of its devices but has also redesigned their looks. MacBook Pro is more flatter, like MacBook Air, iPad Air now looks like iPad Pro. The appearance of the iMac remained the same. Should that change in 2021? If you can believe YouTube user Jon Prosser. Appeals to its wordingTech front pageAs usual for “internal sources”.

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iMac 2021: Pro Display XDR trifft iPad Air

Based on this information, Prosser had a designer creating images. The device that can be seen at first glance appears to be a combination of Pro Display XDR and iPad Air. In plain language: The bezels around the display are much narrower than the current iMac. If the information is correct, the box size will also be slightly reduced. The back is flat now. The images also show the SD card readers, USB-A and USB-C connections, and the network jack. These things are taken from the current paradigm, Prosser says.

In iPad Air colors

Users can look forward to a nostalgic journey. Because the second big novelty besides design is colors. Similar to the original device, the new iMac will not come in a gray aluminum case, as was previously the case. Alternatively, according to Prosser, users can choose from five colors: silver, gray, green, blue, and pink. Apple also sells the iPad Air in exactly these colors.

Concept for iMac 2021 in five colors © Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech

According to Prosser, the iMac comes in five colors. Users can purchase it to match iPad Air.

Will it be the new Mac Pro mini?

On the sidelines, Prosser has also talked about a new Mac Pro. It should appear in a small cube-shaped housing. Referring to Insider, Prosser said it looks like “three to four small Macs on top of each other”. Prosser did not disclose any other details, including the technical equipment for the two computers. But it is possible that Apple will bring the new devices, if they appear, with their own devices Silicon treatments. At the end of 2020, the company equipped the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini with the M1 chip. All three devices are satisfied in our tests. What is true in Prosser’s comments remains to be seen.

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