Addicted to techno: The VR table is all the rage

A sandbox that allows you to create your own lakes, rivers and mountains in order to fully understand the principle of watershed. This is the exercise that has been proposed to the students of Secondary 4 at the Polyvalente de La Pocatière. An activity they are not about to forget.

“They are at work and when we put them to work they are sure to keep more. They have all remembered and I am sure this sand table of augmented reality will stay in their memory for a long time. They will say ‘Ah yeah, the time we played in the sand in our fourth high school’.” They They are still young men 15 years old!explains science teacher Marie-Andre Lago, who delights her students with enthusiasm for such activities.

The activity was very much appreciated by the students, who were able to take advantage of this exercise to get their heads out of their class notebooks. “It’s also different from staying in class, it’s uniting. We were all around the table and practiced with our teacher and it was really… It was so cool,” says fourth grader Laura Pourier Burke.

A techno addict recently moved into the Polyvalente de La Pocatière building. This partnership is appreciated by both the school and the organization, for the happiness of the students.

“The interest of the Accro de la techno, as we know, is their goal to bring young people into our area – in the medium or long term – after studying technology. If we take care of them quickly, perhaps they will move to areas of expertise that will affect this environment,” says the teacher.

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Addicted to techno intends to take advantage of this new partnership to provide students with more experiences of this kind. “Treat, try, touch different things. Discover the accessibility of science and technology, it is available to those who are interested in it”, wishes the director of the Accro de la techno, Eric Dufresne.

The third edition of the Accro de la Techno will take place next November. Young people will be able to discover many explanatory or practical booths and learn more about careers in technology. The date and location has not been confirmed.

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