Pierrette nastallas. The Game Festival invites itself to the heart of the village

On Sunday, May 29th, a unique event will be held in downtown Biervet-Nestallas from 10am to 5pm. This is the global celebration of gaming, a free event for all audiences,…. It was co-organised by the Library, the Pierrevette-Nestallas Town Hall, the Jeux Mage’Inn and the Rat Pute Workshop. This game festival was started by the ALF (Association of Game Libraries of France) in 1999, but since 2009 it has been coordinated by the International Association of Toy Libraries (ITLA), hence the name World Game Festival, because the game librarians who moved this day From around the world to share the benefits of playing for everyone. The aim of this day is to recognize fun activity as a tool for learning and transfer of knowledge, an expression of cultural exchange between peoples and generations, a recreational activity and, finally, and above all, a source of pleasure.

In Pierrefitte, this 2022 edition will contain two main points of animation. In front of the town hall, and with the support of the administrative media library, Alexandrine Bazin, creator of wooden toys, of the Rat Puteh workshop, will animate the giant wooden toys she made in her workshop. Across the street, in the Jeux Mage’Inn store and in the village hall, Alexis and Sébastien, the store’s sales assistants, will introduce you to modern board games. As Alexis points out, “The Game Festival honors game in all its forms. Also on Sunday it will be possible to discover and play all kinds of games, board games, role-playing games, card games, quick games, games for the little ones, games for the older kids, traditional games, games New, nibbling games, games for two, games to share with the family… To this will be added a refreshment bar in front of the town hall for food.

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