Adie Mobile, to support project leaders as much as possible

ADIE or the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative wants to get as close as possible to the population. For this, the chassis just got a vehicle called ADIE Mobile. It is a real mobile office equipped in a truck. The goal is to meet people in neighborhoods.

“As close as possible to people makes things easier”, says the Adie consultant, and above all to better explain the association’s approach.

With the help of a truck, Adie Mobile, the association will travel to the various municipalities of the Windward Islands and especially to priority neighborhoods. The goal is to provide the necessary financial and administrative assistance to the project leaders.

Help launch your business

This morning, Adie Mobile stopped into the Tipaerui Valley to meet with the project leaders. The reception is conducted by 4 volunteers and an expert advisor.

Adie is an organization that lends a sum of money to entrepreneurs who cannot obtain bank loans, up to a maximum of 1 million francs. It’s not huge, but it can help start your own business.

Since 2009, when it was founded in French Polynesia, it has funded 6,000 project leaders. Almost 5 billion were pumped into the country’s economy.

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Since the beginning of this year, 2,300 business creation applications have been registered. Numbers are steadily rising, especially because of the health crisis: job loss, resignation or desire to change jobs.

Adie Mobile

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According to the ADIE Polynesia dashboard, there are encouraging data, particularly this ability for sustainable professional integration for entrepreneurs going through it, given that 87% of these entrepreneurs are still employed two years after launching their venture.

Adie Mobile

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