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From a bizarre Twitter curtain, we came to discover a presence Personality From Our last 2 This should be explained by the author Holy Cross, Initially planned but later removed from the final version.

In a Facebook exchange on Twitter, launched Neil Truckman And from him The Nintendo Switch with the Metro Tread has just been purchasedThe Lost of Us 2: This hidden fact about Truckman and Cross often teasing each other has surfaced, but sometimes goes a little too far beyond the lines, but in this case an interesting informative game.

In various interventions, in fact, the photo of Cross emerged, as he was one of the writers of the game’s script. Movement capture, An outspoken Truckman quote: “Now I wish you could put your character back in the game and take him out one more time!” To which Cross responded with a lot of gif and message: “Our Last Part 3: Leah’s Revenge”.

With this, we can guess who played the role of the Holy Cross Leah In The Last of Us 2, it even went so far as to film some motion capture scenes, which were later removed in the general modification of the game. For this Leah, it could be the character seen in the photo that sees Ellie and Dina on one of the Washington Liberation Front sites.

To escape the WLF’s attack, Ellie and Dina remove two fighters from the group, one of whom holds a Polaroid from Leah and a letter from her. They found Leah at the local television headquarters, but when they got there they found the woman already dead. Apparently, Leah’s part should have been wider and deeper in the early version of the story, but it was Cut Then.

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