Adly calms the match from locker room tensions

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Yassin Adly is one of the rare (young) players who feels very comfortable speaking to the media. In the Purdue group that had been struggling with sporting difficulties for months, he did not hesitate to speak to rant or smooth things out like he does today at a press conference. When asked about tensions in the dressing room, he wanted to downplay it, without language. Here is him Advertising : Of course, at the moment it is not easy for us, but we have seen and read things: It was not chaos either! According to some, Baghdad was in the dressing room! We must not believe it is war and we must stop believing everything that is said! There has always been respect Between us. There were stories like all groups. The only thing was Laurent Koscielny’s episode (with Hatem Ben Arafa, NLDR) to Marseille, but even there, the captain’s speech was. There was nothing and no hostility. There is no clan, we are not in Koh Lanta, we put ourselves in this situation on our own. This context has led us to lose our way from the mathematician. It generates tensions that do not need to be internal. “

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