Oceans – we’re not fine

Two years ago, OCEANS released their first of 11 songs “The Sun and The Cold” via Nuclear Blast and had to come under some criticism for the over-exposure of the musical genre. Two years later, the composition is just around the corner with the EP narrowed down to four tracks and also clearly eliminating genre influences. Instead of forcing the vegetable garden to harsh music, the noise is now mainly in the modern mineral district.

In keeping with this, OCEANS got support from CALIBAN as he screams Andy Dorner on the vocal front on the opening track and main track “We Are Nøt Okay” at the same time, whose voice is perfectly in tune with the changing Timo Rotten member. The sometimes bold, militant headline deals with depression and self-harm, and confirms the message with a cruel and uncomfortable music video. Clearer, less fun and dreamy, unlike the first director, OCEANS brings musical symbolism onto the virtual stage from the unchecked shattering of a full and comfortable life to the solid concrete of a new reality. There is no better way to describe the current situation for many people.

The phrase “whoever loved him is broken” fits smoothly into the bleak and outright fatalistic mood of the popular party. Opaque, slow, slow, and full of modern volcanic eruptions, the title fits well with the EP theme. Broad-based “voices” record with an impressive mix of crisp and whisper sounds and kick balls powerfully through their brutally mega-sized midsection. As the fourth song in the group, Shark Tooth sounds absolutely gorgeous and proves to be a broad and modern metallic title with a dark and broad tone.

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“We Are Nøt Okay” introduces just over a quarter of an hour of new material from OCEANS, which works well on the buttocks, as well as stylistic cohesion, and also proves the appropriate contrast in which the songs do not sink into the symmetry of a modern metal. What seemed disorganized at first now fits together in a coherent way and nothing stands in the way of listening pleasure. With this device, OCEANS should be able to ignite properly in the next full round.

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