Advertising bottle: an environmental tool

It is now summer and everyone is waiting anxiously for warm sunny days and fun evenings in the fresh air. The Italian government seeks to vaccinate as many vaccines as possible; We all skip our fingers that summer is at least safe and activities can open their doors again.

Looking for the perfect promotional item to present this summer?

Choose a bottle that is personal, economical, useful, practical and above all environmentally friendly. For a long time considered only an accessory for camping or hiking, the water bottle has finally become more and more popular in everyday life in recent years. If designed as a thermo bottle, you can fill it with not only water but also fruit juice, tea or coffee. From a Tritan bottle, passing through stainless steel or glass model up to 400ml of the cheapest aluminum, Choose our customizable water bottles It is the perfect solution to advertise your brand. Be it a hike, a day at the office or a gym training session, water bottles are an essential tool for staying hydrated at all times. Produced with resistant materials, they are easily recyclable and are environmentally friendly. Now that public opinion is moving more and more towards a sustainable lifestyle, choosing an environmental tool like personal water bottles can only be a profitable option.

Why is a personal water bottle the environmental tool of summer?

Using water bottles is an ecological, economical, and healthy option. Environmental because it does not continue to generate waste and feed the environmental disaster caused by disposable plastics. The bottle can be filled and used indefinitely, it produces no waste and if you keep it in good condition it can accompany you for a long time. The water bottle is cheap because you no longer have to buy plastic bottles from the supermarket or from automatic machines. By using water bottles, you can quench your thirst with water and other beverages like tea and coffee, and fill it wherever you are. Finally, the bottle is healthier than plastic bottles that now, as everyone knows, release plastic particles that pollute the water or any other beverage in them. If you want to quench your thirst with non-polluted beverages, choose the bottle!

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Personalizing your water bottles with your company logo will give you great visibility.

If you want to customize your bottles you have endless options, in fact these containers are produced in many colors. From translucent to white, to metallic colors: you will be amazed at how many models there are. Our advice is to choose a bottle with an attractive color that matches your logo or company image: it will ensure that your brand identity is strengthened. Bottles of water are essential to quench your thirst and quench your thirst when you are on the beach, on a hike, while exercising, or at work. They can come in different sizes from 300ml to 1L, lightweight to carry in your bag or backpack. Thanks to a dedicated water bottle, many people will see the brand or logo in different places. Respecting the environment is now a necessity, as we said before, it is something we all must do and by customizing the bottle, you will make it clear to whom you will give as a gift, that your company is interested in a sustainable future. In addition, even your customers or co-workers who care the most about this issue will be happy to receive the personal environmental tools.

Is it better to choose an aluminum, stainless steel, tritan or glass bottle?

Aluminum bottle

Aluminum bottles are very light, resistant and economical.

This aluminum bottle is small so it becomes a personal gift not only for adults but also for children.

Impact resistant, it can break but never break, moreover, unlike water bottles made of other materials, it does not alter tastes and flavors.

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Stainless steel bottle

An eternal bottle is there Stainless steel water bottleIt is recommended for heavy use in the workplace or for those who go on long trips.

These stainless steel bottles are easily sterilized and can hold both hot and cold liquids while maintaining a constant temperature. Unlike plastic bottles, steel will not release any harmful substances. Plus, the cap always has a safety seal that allows you to carry steel water bottles inside your backpack or beach bag without the risk of liquid spills.


Glass has always been a safe material, as it can be washed at high temperatures and does not release chemicals or harmful substances. The glass bottle may seem more delicate than the steel bottle, but you need to know that the glass bottles are toughened to make it as hard as possible. Additionally, some models have a fabric sleeve, to keep the contents at a constant temperature and as an added protection from shocks.

Plastic water bottles

The plastic bottle is unbreakable and durable over time. It can be available in many models and colors, but beware those who don’t guarantee this BPA-free or BPA-free.

The most common water bottle is the one in Tritan, and it is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bottles because it can be reused many times. Thanks to its properties: lightness and resistance it is ideal for any type of sporting activity.

Water bottles are now a target for everyday use and are an idleEnvironment and the green alternative To the old and now outdated plastic bottles. It’s the summer gadget for any reality: schools, companies, gyms, baths or beaches. The water bottle is a useful tool for everyday life not only during the summer but also in the other months of the year.

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