If your profile picture disappears, they are cheating on you

Another scam that attacks the most used app in the world. What the criminals came up with and how to defend yourself.

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This is the most used application in the world and fraudsters are throwing themselves away. There have been countless attempts to steal data and money, with the last of the 6-digit code returning to tap users during the holidays. WhatsApp is once again the target of online criminals. The application uses all possible measures to protect its subscribers, but sometimes a particular person may escape.

We hope not. WhatsApp is one of the most used sites, but very targeted Frauds, As happened recently: criminals lurk at the millions of users who text each other, especially during the holidays. Testimony from users is numerous and suggests a new confusing situation.

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WhatsApp: Will your profile photo disappear? What they do to your contacts

Many have dealt with a new form of fraud in the last few days. He first steals his profile picture and then tries to steal money from friends. Basically, criminals create a fake account using our profile photo and then go and ask all the way, money to be paid in postpaid.

Fraudsters contact numbers Address Book Of the looted person, whose nature uses a method not yet known. So, if your profile photo disappears, the first thing to do is contact the postal police immediately.

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Unfortunately this is not the only scam involving the most used social networking site in the world. Scammers hackers go to WhatsApp and devise very different ways to defraud a large number of users: From fake supermarket coupons, Merry Christmas up to 6 digit code. The advice should always be careful and never open links of dubious looks.

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