After the passengers, the goods are transported at a speed of more than 600 km / h

The company Hyperloop TT recently presented a concept of high-speed cargo transportation, capable of transporting cargo at a speed of more than 600 km / h. Will this dump train be able to compete with aircraft and container ships as the company claims?

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In the race on the high train Speed, Hyperloop TT (Hyperloop transportation technologiesHe wants to show his difference. Next to passenger trains traveling at a speed of more than 1000 km / h in a weak branch tube PressureAt the beginning of July, the company introduced the concept of cargo transportation. As fast as a plane, but at the cost of a train The project was deliberate HyperPortIt will transport up to 2,800 containers per day at a speed of 600 km/h. enough to guarantee delivery In minutes instead of hours ‘, and all this in extension carbon traces Zero, according to Hyperloop TT.

Move the ports inland

The company appears above all as a competitor to the maritime movement, making it clear that it wants to ” Inland port transportation ». « Using the same technology as our passenger systems, HyperPort secures supply chains and frees up beachfront space that would otherwise be used for cargo ports. Andres de Leon, CEO of HyperloopTT confirms. And to pay tribute to the many other advantages of its concept: no climatic hazards (the train travels in a closed tube), no transit (and thus the risk of exposureincident) and less than pollution from the sea side.

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HyperPort will be able to transport 2,800 containers per day at a speed of more than 600 km / h. © TT Hyperloop

Designed in partnership with the German company Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and Spanish engineering company CT Ingenieros, the project will be presented in virtual reality the next day International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to be held in Hamburg next October. Although the HyperPort project has already accumulated 20,000 tuition hours, it is still far from operational. In 2019, the company built near Toulouse 320m test tunnelbut a project Construction One kilometer test track is behind schedule, mainly due to administrative restrictions and decontamination Land from the old Frankzal Mine.

Hyperloop Train: The Competition Is Tough

The race against time continues with its main competitors, Virgin Hyperloop and TransPod. The first, who has already presented Cargo transportation project in 2018, conducted in November 2020 Test over 500 meters At its pilot plant in North Las Vegas In Nevada (US) it has two passengers on board, and promises commercial operation by 2030. In 2019, the company also signed with Saudi Arabia to develop and test its technology there. Not far from the first commercial line planned by Hyperloop TT, which was to connect from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in less than 12 minutes.

Really green transportation?

It remains to be seen if all these projects are economically and technically viable. In 2018, a French expert denounced thus ” A massive intellectual-artistic deception Denouncing, in particular, many technical dead ends. It is also hard to believe that the cost of transporting goods will be comparable to the cost of a conventional train, or even the cost of an airplane. In 2016, Documents leaked The cost of building the Virgin Hyperloop line is estimated at $121 million per mile (€63.4 million per kilometer). zero emissions » De CO . Company2 It should also be taken with a grain of salt, as it is evacuatedair of the tube requires a large amount ofenergy. And that won’t solve either Pollution from millions of trucks On our highways, which provide transportation for medium distances.

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